exotic atoms and nuclei



Our experiments being carried out at CERN's antiproton decelerator is called ASACUSA. ASACUSA stands for Atomic Spectroscopy and Collisions Using Slow Antiprotons, but it was in fact named after the Asakusa Temple, the oldest in Tokyo, near the Tokyo University campus.

The big lantern hanging from the temple gate as shown in the Ukiyoe woodprint (Hiroshige, 1856) is used as the group logo.

Since the collaboration was formed in 1996, Hayano has been serving as the spokesperson. The collaboration currently comprises members from Japan, Austria, Hungary, Denmark and United Kingdom.

2010ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2010 (pdf on CERN server)
2009ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2009 (pdf on CERN server)
2008ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2008 (pdf on CERN server)
2007ASACUSA Status Report, Feb 2007 (pdf on CERN server)
2006ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2006 (pdf on CERN server)
2005ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2005; addendum to the original proposal (pdf on CERN server)
2004ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2004 (pdf on CERN server)
2003ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2003 (pdf on CERN server)
2002ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2002 (pdf on CERN server)
2001ASACUSA Status Report, Jan 2001 (pdf on CERN server)
1997ASACUSA Proposal (pdf on CERN server)