May we have your time, Professor Hayano?

University of Tokyo physicist interviewed by Italian high-school students


In March 2009, 6 Italian high-school students studying scientific journalism started to work on a project to interview scientists working in several different countries.

My friend, Catalina Curceanu of “Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati”, is helping those students, and she suggested to contact some 10 physicists from various countries. From Japan, she picked me.

The list of the questions is shown below, and my answers are in the following pages. The interviews will be published on the students’ web page sometime later, but I decided to publish mine on my web page, as I found this would be of interest not just to the Italian high-school students, but to students in other countries as well.

I regret to say however I have no plans to translate this into Japanese (at least for now).

  1. 1.Please send us a short presentation of you including, if possible, a picture. (Q1)

  2. 2.How and why did you decide to study physics and which is the best memory of your life as a student? (Q2)

  3. 3.Which difficulties did you have to face and what was the most exciting episode of your career? (Q3)

  4. 4.What are you working at presently? (Q4)

  5. 5.Which do you believe will be the next discovery in physics? (Q5)

  6. 6.In your opinion, which is the best discovery ever and who is your favorite scientist? (Q6)

  7. 7.How important is the collaboration in scientific research, especially among researchers from different countries? (Q7)

  8. 8.How can a scientist be defined and how do talent, intuition and study influence his profession? (Q8)

  9. 9.What are your hobbies and passions and what book would you suggest us to read? (Q9)

  10. 10.How do you see the future of research in this period of global economic crisis? (Q10)

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