Here you can download software I developed for data analysis


ROOT data analysis package for S800 and Gretina
This package was developed for the Gretina/S800 campaign at NSCL by me and Eric Lunderberg.
Download (password protected)
If you want a copy of this software email me ( (remove "_")). This allows us to keep track of who has the software, and properly distribute updates and bug fixes. We view the development of the software as a collaborative effort, and as such, welcome and appreciate any suggestions for bug fixes and improvements.


ROOT based unpacker and event-builder from GRAPE data.
Currently under development, contact me if you want a copy of the most recent version.
Download version 1 (December 2015)
Download version 2 (September 2016)


Two body reaction kinematics, transformation cm <-> lab system, Rutherford cross section and more (output example)
Source code
output: ps file with plots, root file with TSplines and TGraphs
needs CommandLineInterface
adjust line 12 in Makefile
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NSCL S800 ROOT data analysis

ROOT data analysis package for S800 and Caesar, Hira or SeGA with a graphical user interface (screenshot)
Warning: this software is for pre-ringbuffer data (before October 2011) only. If you have data recorded with the new NSCL data acquisition, I may still be able to help you to modify it.